PDX Impact's mission is to build a diverse investment community that focuses on underserved businesses; and financial technology that promotes economic opportunity, resilience, and capacity for women, immigrant, minority and veteran-owned businesses.


Increased access to business credit for low-income and underserved entrepreneurs by deploying loan funds to these communities.


Improved economic conditions for distressed communities by strengthening the economic resilience of underrepresented local businesses.



Expanded access to financial services, technology and advocacy.


Maximized efficiency of technology resources, risk mitigation and access to capital by creating a new and expidited online process for procuring investment from the institutional community.


We envision a Pacific Northwest community of entrepreneurs who have equal access to private investment for business growth.


Create and attract institutional investment, and leverage the investments to make loans available to underserved businesses.


Implement a technology platform that increases investment in underserved businesses through a transparent and efficient process.


Partner with lenders, technical service providers and financial professionals to increase the efficiency of capital deployment in distressed areas.


Advocate on behalf of our clients to build business acumen, mitigate risk and promote the company's business credit standing with traditional financial institutions.

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